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Each legal firm is as individual as the next. Our wide range of services is designed specifically for you.

MultiPoint’s vast experience with Law Firms worldwide has given us an understanding of the specialized needs of Legal Conferencing.

Our knowledge base is derived from dealings with many major US law firms enabling MultiPoint to design communication procedures to maximize productivity, improve client service and lower costs. With unparalleled attention to security as a MultiPoint priority, one can have total confidence that your meetings are secure and information safe.


  • Customized Billing

  • Actual Minutes Used Report

  • Lawyer Code

  • Client Matter Number

  • Billing Code

  • Specific Services

  • Set-up, Implementation

  • + 24-hour support

  • Transcription

  • Archiving

  • Security Pins

  • Securing Lists

MutliPoint Communications Legal Conferencing Services




Manage Your Acquisitions


With any of our ancillary services for the

most professional legal experience.


Simplify the Deposition Process


With digital recording, broadcasting,

archiving, and transcription.

Manage Your Calls


By accessing features via our online conference view,

MultiiView. Collaborate with partners and colleagues

on contracts and other legal documents in real-time

with MultiMac or Live Meeting.

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We can’t control your billable hours but we can take the hassle out of the billing process. 

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