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MultiPoint Communications is the premier conferencing company that stands away from the crowd and delivers what the other companies don't.



In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of Audio and Web Conferencing, many companies are offering cheap rates and a laundry list of features from which to choose. As one searches for the company to best fit their needs a pattern develops. The offerings are the same and the rates are similar but more importantly the word "you" is littered throughout their literature.

"YOU" set up your own calls
"YOU" view the participants on your call
"YOU" start and stop your own recording
"YOU" can mute and un-mute your participants
"YOU" can view and download your billing summary
"YOU" get to pay for all these privileges

It would seem the words Customer Service have come to actually mean Self Service.

You are the customer and you must perform all of your own services?

Be in control without having the responsibility of operating the controls.

MultiPoint Communications offers a variety of communication options.  Whether you need a large-scale corporate meeting or a small business meeting of the minds, you can choose your own level of service.

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